It’s that time of year when the mice enter our houses, fields and sheds in droves. The majority of us use some form of bait to keep those pesky rodents at bay. Unfortunately mouse and rat bait is fatal for our companions. 

Bait works the same in mice, rats, cats, dogs, and everything else. It stops the blood from clotting – meaning they can bleed out. If not caught early, the detrimental effects will be seen. These can include lethargy, pale gums to urinating or coughing up blood.

Depending on how recently they have eaten the bait, and what clinical signs they present with, will depend on what treatment we use. Sometimes we make them vomit to prevent further absorption of the toxin. Other times we may need to perform a blood transfusion. All cases need vitamin K therapy as this helps produce clotting factors – helping save your animal’s life.

The key thing with bait is – it’s better to act early rather than later. It is life threatening.