Swan Hill Veterinary Clinic offers a large range of equine services, including reproductive services, dentistry and surgery.  Consultations, poor performance, lameness and pre-purchase examinations are also offered.

Our diagnostic services include radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy and heamatology/biochemistry blood work.


The clinic offers pre-breeding examinations, artificial insemination, uterine biopsies and caslick procedures.  If you are new to equine reproduction and need advice, feel free to call the clinic.  An adequate horse crush is required for these services to be performed.


Dentistry is a very important and commonly overlooked procedure.  Poor performance, weight loss, colics and other health issues may present with dental pathology.  Regular dentistry can help keep your horse healthy. We have power float equipment and a specialised crush to perform dentistry safely and effectively.


Castrations and stitch-ups can be performed on site or at your property.  Radiography and ultrasonography require an adequate crush, and often a power source and shelter to be performed.

Tetanus and strangles vaccinations are important as horses have an increased suseptibility to these diseases. Hendra vaccination is also recommended and often required if travelling to certain areas of Australia.