At the Swan Hill Veterinary Clinic we have a wide range of equipment to aid in the many and varied treatments that your livestock may require.   We have been associated with the region for many years so it is likely that any issues you may have, we have seen before.


We have the appropriate accreditation to carry out Johne’s and Brucellosis testing in sheep.  Brucellosis is a particularly insidious disease that can really impact your bottom line with very low weaning percentages.



Whether it be a heifer or your favourite old cow having difficulty calving, perhaps two lambs deciding to enter the world at the same time we have you covered.  The equipment we use is very well manufactured and designed for the rigors of calving or lambing problems.



For any concerns, problems or products required don’t hesitate to call.  If you require something we don’t stock we can generally order it in within 48hrs.



We have recently purchased a new ultrasound with a curved linear probe to aid diagnosis of pregnancy status in cattle.   It is introduced into the animal with only a 3cm diameter probe which reduces the stress on the cattle significantly. It allows for more accurate diagnosis of earlier stages of pregnancy.