An annual physical exam is vital to maintaining the health and well being of your companion.  It is also a great opportunity to raise any concerns or queries you may have.



In addition to the annual health check it is strongly recommended that preventative medicine is undertaken to protect both pets and family from some common ailments. Vaccination, worming, heartworm, flea & tick treatments are key components of disease prevention.



A small implant the size of a grain of rice can save an immense amount of heartache.   A microchip is a great way to find a lost pet, solve ownership disputes and is required by council law for pet registration. This can be performed as early as the first vaccination of your puppy or kitten at 6-8 weeks of age.



Castration for male animals and spaying for female animals is recommended from 5 – 6 months of age. Desexing provides a number of health benefits ranging from a reduction in some reproductive cancers, may mitigate the development of behavioural issues and is cost effective with reduced registration fees.



We have two separate preparation/wet surgery areas designed to eliminate contamination of our dedicated surgical suite.  Soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries are performed regularly.  Our clinic has an excellent working relationship with a number of specialists and referral will be advised when required. Pre-anaesthetic bloods and intravenous fluids are both optional extras we offer with all surgeries. Pre-anaesthetic bloods allow us to check your pet’s organ function before commencing surgery. Intravenous fluids maintain blood pressure during surgery and aid in a quicker recovery post-surgery.



The majority of us have experienced pain associated with dental problems.  Equipment used for the cleaning and extraction of diseased teeth is the same your own dentist uses.  Small animals require a general anaesthetic with the use of local anaesthetic nerve blocks and pain relief common place.   We use the  safest and most up-to-date anaesthetic protocols and monitoring equipment to ensure the procedure is as safe as possible.



With the use of digital x-ray we have vastly enhanced our diagnostic capability and efficiency.  From the press of a button we can have an image displayed on our computer screen in 3 seconds.  The high quality nature of the images has all but eliminated the requirement for re-exposures.  Efficiency gains allow rapid, accurate treatment regimens to be implemented. Ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic modality used to visualise the internal organs.   Our ultrasound machines  offer excellent resolution and we have the ability to scan the tiny heartbeat of a foetus to the abdominal organs of an 80kg Saint Bernard.  



Our in-house laboratory provides a rapid turnaround on pre-anaesthetic, general health, emergency and sick patient blood analysis.  Access to this information gives us an immediate  impression of the health status of your pets.  Combined with our other diagnostic options allows us to implement accurate and sometimes lifesaving treatments.