A good quality diet is vital for growth, development and longevity. Food which has high quality animal protein is desirable.  The quality of the protein is what separates the foods our clinic stocks from the cheaper supermarket foods.

The cheaper food brands use cereal grains as their protein source. Cereal grains have poor digestibility (50%), vary depending on the cheapest grain at the time of manufacture and often use by-products to increase protein content.

The veterinary brands we stock derive protein from meat, not grains or by-products.  This means more is utilized by your pet and there is far less wastage.

Dry food is often better than wet food, as it helps firm up faeces, keeps pets fuller for longer and helps reduce plaque build up on teeth. In cats it is important their diet contains Taurine which is an essential amino acid they need and can’t make themselves.


Feeding requirements and amounts vary throughout the life of your pet.  Puppies/Kittens require small frequent feeds during the first 3 months of life (3-4 feeds/day), gradually reducing frequency as they progress to adulthood.

We use the body condition of an animal to determine if nutritional requirements need to be altered.  Generally, growing animals have rapid metabolisms and are more inclined to exercise and therefore have less weight concerns.  We see a lot of nutritional excess in adults and older animals.  To help combat this, the main meal and perhaps the only meal of the day can be given in the morning.

The food brands we stock are Hills Science & Prescription Diets, Royal Canin (for dogs and cats). In all of these we stock differently calibrated diets for each life stage (i.e. puppy, adult and senior) and different lifestyles (i.e. jogging and agility). We also stock diets especially for those with sensitivities or medical conditions, or for a specific breed. We can order in Eukanuba or Advance too, if your pet prefers the taste of them.

We stock OraVet, a dental chew, for dogs, in multiple sized packs. We also stock lamb sticks, pigs ears and liver treats; all delicious rewards for your dog.

Worried your pet might be overweight? Compare your dog’s body shape to the images on this Eukanuba page.