We stock a range of products from grooming, to health care, to food, to treats. So come in, have a browse and go home with presents to spoil your beloved pet. All products we stock have a veterinary tick of approval. 

Food & Treats:

The food brands we stock are Iams (for cats), Hills Science & Prescription Diets, & Eukanuba (for dogs). In all of these we stock differently calibrated diets for each life stage (i.e. puppy, adult and senior) and different lifestyles (i.e. jogging and agility). We also stock diets especially for those with sensitivities or medical conditions, or for a specific breed. We can order in Royal Canin or Advance too, if your pet prefers the taste of them.

We stock Greenies, a dental chew, for both cats and dogs, in multiple sized packs. We also stock lamb sticks, pigs ears and liver treats; all delicious rewards for your dog.

Preventative Health:

We stock all the products needed to prevent infestations of fleas and worms. These come in either tablet form, tasty chews or spot-on treatments. We do also have flea collars and sprays. For dog flea treatments we stock: Nexgard, Nexgard Spectra, Frontline, Advantix and Capstar. For cat flea treatments we stock: Revolution and Frontline.

Our worming products come in tablet, syrup or spot-on formulation depending on age. The Drontal syrup is great for puppies and kittens. The all-wormer tablets we stock are: Popantel, Milbemax and Paragard. We also stock Profender.

Diet Additives:

We stock milk replacements (Wombaroo, Di-Vetelact, Animalac) for wildlife, puppies and kittens. We also stock calcium and omega-3 supplements. If your pet has arthritis, pernease powder and 4-cyte, which are great supplements to ease symptoms.

Pet Accessories:

We stock a range of products from bedding, to toys, to coats, and even grooming needs. Many of the popular brands are on our shelves: Fuzzyard, Snooza, Kong, Weatherbeeta and Beaupets.

We also have many shampoos, mosquito repellents and wound care products.

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