The time of Easter is upon us. For many it holds many memories involving delicious chocolate, hot cross buns & fishing by our campsite. Unfortunately all three wonderful memories for us can result in a dangerous experience for our beloved pets.

Chocolate, as drool worthy as it is, can cause terrible gastro-intestinal upsets & seizures in dogs & cats. Not only can chocolate do damage, but the foil they come in can cause some serious abdominal issues too. Read this blog (Chocolate Delight) to get all the information needed about chocolate poisoning. If you are having an easter egg hunt, please always check all eggs are found. Never leave chocolate out unattended where pets can access it. Remember if you prevent their access, there’s more for you!

Camping is another wonderful thing about Easter. Fishing is always involved with camping. Fish hooks are nasty little things. They have backwards barbs that are helpful to catch fish, but not helpful when man’s best friend tries to eat the bait off the end. Read our blog (Fishing for Hooks) to get more information on fish hook injuries.

Lastly hot cross buns have hidden dangers. As tasty as they are to us, hot cross buns that contain either grapes (sultanas), raisins, and/or nutmeg are poisonous to our furry friends. (Chocolate ones are toxic too!) Raisins/currants/sultanas are highly toxic & can lead to kidney failure. Nutmeg can be dangerous too as it contains a hallucinogenic toxin. Clinical signs are often seen within a few hours of ingestion. They vary & include: vomiting & diarrhoea; lethargy; abdominal pain; increased thirst; decreased urinary output; seizures/tremors; & comas resulting in death.

Severity of symptoms does vary with the amount of food ingested. With all three of these situations, please treat it as an emergency though. There is always a vet available for assistance. We want your Easter period to continue to be a time of happy memories.